Theo Priestley | Founder and CEO of Raw Shark Raw Shark Entertainment which is a video game developer Company based in Scotland with an1 AAA heritage.

Founder & CEO at Raw Shark Entertainment

Theo PriestlyFounder & CEO at Raw Shark Entertainment .

About TheoPriestly:

Theo Priestley is the Founder and CEO of Raw Shark.

He used to be a Futurist but that's all in the past.

Raw Shark Entertainment is a video game developer based in Scotland with a AAA heritage.

Currently working on a large open world MMO project set within a well known sci-fi IP.

By focusing on creating well-crafted, highly engaging interactive and narrative experiences, Raw Shark Entertainment intends to change the perception of game development and design using new tools and techniques.


Video Game Development, MMORPG, Video Game Design, Multiplayer Games, Video Game Tools, Concept Art, Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Video Game Economies, and Procedural Generation.

Special Interview with Theo Priestly for Spark Icon on page 2

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